Sue Gregor making cuffs
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Sue Gregor making cuffs

Artist Statement – Sue Gregor
Someone asked me recently why I started making my work. What was the inspiration? 
It all started at a difficult period of my life when I was going through a tough time. In order to cope with it I started try to empty my head of everything and just be in the moment. I become aware of what was around me. Listen to the sounds and notice where I was. I became enormouslycomforted by how beautiful the world is. So I started working with plants leaves and flowers and developed this method of capturing the detail of the plants . I wanted to share this with people who wear my jewellery.

I use a process I developed while studying for my MA - I call it ‘fossilized plastic’ - which is inspired by a modernist approach; I link the natural world with the manmade by marrying acrylic with the plants I have gathered, to produce beautiful and individual pieces. My work is a celebration of the organic and inorganic, industrial and natural.

Each piece of jewellery uses the actual plant and even the veins of the leaf will show, thanks to the fine detail which is captured on the embossed surface. This means that each piece is unique and every piece is handcrafted.

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