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Light Shadow Necklace.

Posted by Alana Biviano on

Light Shadow Necklace.

I have been working lately, on some new and exciting designs, specifically for my necklace and earring collections, that play with light,shadow and movement.

The multi bar necklace  and long single bar earrings are cut finely and sharply to give crisp and acute edges which are then highly polished , an innovative use of the materials.

This creates a prismatic effect, like a lens and catches the light.The sense of movement in these pieces is heightened by the shadows and colour as the light refracts and throws reflections onto the skin of the wearer.

These contemporary acrylic jewellery is versatile as these pieces also look great against other colours, they can be worn to beautiful effect against darker clothing without losing any of the shine and glow.

The brilliance of the colours caught by the light along with the movement of the pieces creates a radiant contemporary look.


Light Shadow Necklace.Light Shadow Necklace.Light Shadow Necklace.

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