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Shadow Ruff

Shadow Ruff Collection:


I started out to create some necklaces with a corrugated, pleated, fan like, feel. I was playing with some rectangular shapes. When on a sunny day I noticed the way they caught the light and the beautiful shadows they cast. This inspired this new collection.

To soften the hard rectangular shape I introduced something more organic, the surface pattern was created using real passion flower leaves. They are collected and pressed, then used them to emboss the surface, and like stencils, using my own unique heat fusion process to create the surface pattern. So each component is individual. I then turned the pattern on the edge so the light can shine through it to create the shadows. Each colour creates its own pool of light onto the skin.

The necklace looks very different depending on the viewpoint of the person looking at it. Sometimes you can the clear edge and the shadows are the only thing visible which can look almost like a blur. At other angles the design is clearly seen. When the wearer moves it is really kinetic. I have found the necklaces attract a lot of attention !


5 piece necklace                 11 piece necklace in Orange             11 piece necklace in red

 Work in Progress.  Stripes that go to make up a shadow necklace.


I am showing this collection at:

Dazzle @ the OXO Tower London

Dates - 9 November to 11 January 2015


Photographer – Kimberley Rowlands @ Eyebox Studio

Model – Freya Lily




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