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How it all began

Posted by Alana Biviano on

Art and design was something that I always wanted to do, but life got in the way, it was like an itch I had to scratch! When my son was a teenager (I was a single Mum) I decided that I wanted to go back and study.


  How It All BeganHow It All Began



  So I went to UWE and did the MA in Multi-dsciplinary Printmaking,  MA @ UWE Bristol in 2003/5.  I did it part time so I could extend the length of time that I had access to all that equipment!  Also meant I could continue to work,   I was so excited to be there and have this amazing opportunity and second chance to do something with my life.  

On the course I was encouraged to experiment.  I was playing with printing textiles.  I was working with a sort of cyanotype process and tying and heating polyester to retain pleats and shapes as well as .  I was working with an already made up shirt. Some how the button came out really well.  So I started to experiment and did hundreds of tests.  I also spent some time in Swansea University talking to experts about the different qualities of materials.   Eventually I could get consistent results.  I started experimenting with every kind of leave I could find.  I was fascinated with the clarity and the surface relief that I could achieve. I finished my MA and achieved a distinction. At first I made larger pieces bowls and trays.  ( Some of which were commission by  Rieko Sudo for the Nuno company in Japan.  After a studying  at the V & A I felt it was perfect for jewellery. (The V & A were one of my first customers!)   It was all very exciting.

Since then I have continued to perfect the process and push it to achieve more and more complex designs.  I can now work with plants in ways I did not think possible when I started.  I love pushing the process to see what else I can achieve.  I am the sort of person who is always wanting to try something new and to push the process I am working with as far as I can.

So it is Never too late .  Follow your dreams..... go for it!

Early experiments:

first Cuffs
tray for Nunosandblasting and red stringstring and sand blastingold man's beard textilefig Leaf textileold man's beardgrass bag

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