Designer of the month- Nell Beale from Coucou Manou – Sue Gregor
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Designer of the month- Nell Beale from Coucou Manou

I have chosen Nell Beale to be my designer of the month.

Nell has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of Furniture. Its so great to see a woman in this field.  I love her work it is really original.  She works with pattern and colour to make really striking pieces of furniture.

Nell says:

'I love striking clean design.  I design furniture that is decorative as well as functional and I use furniture as a canvas for pattern, shape and colour. Colour against black with the texture of timber works well and I often use this combination in my collection.

I’m very interested in merging traditional furniture making skills alongside the use of newer technology such as CNC machining which makes designs, that would be very laborious to make by hand, feasible.

When I design, I have the construction very much in mind. I often think of the furniture as a number of components which will be cut by the CNC company to achieve accuracy and cost effectiveness.

To complete the furniture, I then join, sand, hand paint, finish and assemble the pieces in my workshop and studio near Bath.'

She makes brilliant furniture.  I am buying some for my home.

2012 - I launched my own collection of furniture under the name of CoucouManou, at the London Design Festival.

2015 -  Selected to take part on the Crafts Council business development

Injection scheme.

2017 - Selected to be part of Design Nation, a portfolio of great British Craft & Design.

2017 - The Loop Collection was shortlisted for the prestigious Design Guild Mark   

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