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Silver Leaf Earrings

Posted by sue Gregor on

Silver Leaf Earrings

I have been making myself a collection of these glam earrings in different colours. One to go with every outfit,  several of my friends and family have asked me for pairs as a gift for Christmas. I think we all need a bit of sparkle and glamour in these gloomy times. I think it is fun to dress up rather than going for the Onesie/PJ look ad I think it cheers up my friends and family too!

Me wearing my 20 mm pink stud earrings

These contemporary botanic earrings are hand made individually out of recycled plastic. Using a skeleton leaf I create a surface relief. The colour is applied using the leaf as a stencil.  The earring is domed and silver leaf is applied to the back. Which then has a protective layer of resin.

magenta skeleton leaf stud earringsPink skeleton leaf stud earrings

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