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Burgundy and Pink Vetch leaf Cuff

Posted by sue Gregor on

Burgundy peach Vetch leaf cuff bracelt recycled Perspex


This floral cuff bracelet is made using Vetch leaves. Vetch is a pretty wild-flower that grows all over the countryside and is most often spotted in meadows, hedgerows and farmland. But I found it growing on an Urban walk, on some waste ground in the center of St Paul's Bristol. I was inspired by the structure of the leaves and how they grow out from the central stem.  The leaves have a sense of movement almost like stripes.I piled them up in layers of different tones, to create an illusion of depth .  so that also works with the tomes to create a feel of vitality and depth. almost like a hedgerow or a bush.

vetch leaves

A second source of inspiration, for this collection of my botanic contemporary jewellery, was a trip to Westenbrit Arboretum on a blowy day in late October.  The colours of the leaves were stunning, reds. Pinks and soft peaches, a massive inspiration which motivated me to create this Burgundy and Peach Vetch Recycled Plastic cuff.  I wanted to creat colours that harmonized like the leaves did.  

I collect the vetch leaves and use them to create the design. No two leaves are the same so each one is unique and individually handmade.  An expression of Nature.  It is a piece of wearable art. It would make a beautiful and unusual gift.



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