Blue Fern Shadow Ruff


I started out to create some necklaces with a corrugated, pleated, fan-like feel. I was playing with some rectangular shapes. When on a sunny day I noticed the beautiful, colourful shadows they cast. This inspired this collection.

To soften the hard rectangular perspex shape I introduced something more organic - the surface pattern was created using real fern leaves. They are collected and pressed, then used to emboss the surface of the heated acrylic, using my own unique heat fusion process to create the surface pattern. So each component is handmade, unusual and individual. Then I turned the pattern on the edge so the light could shine through it to create the shadows. Each colour creates its own pool of light which radiates onto the skin, making the wearer part of this art jewellery.

The necklace looks very different depending on the viewpoint of the person looking at it. Sometimes, when you look along the clear edge the shadows are the only thing visible and can look almost like a blur of light and colour. At other angles the design is clearly seen. When the wearer moves around, the jewellery appears kinetic as well. The colour fades from light at the back to dark at the front of the ruff.

I choose quite ordinary plants and weeds to create my floral art jewellery designs. This botanical statement necklace evoke both a contemporary and a vintage feel, appealing to friends, fiances and fashionistas alike. I hope that the wearer will not only enjoy them as jewellery but also review their appreciation of the natural world. I have found the necklaces attract a lot of attention!

British fashion - grown and handmade in UK

20" ruff with adjustable chain.

Sterling Silver and Recycled Acrylic

Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic acrylic, which is free from volatile organic compounds and hydrofluorocarbon and so more environmentally friendly.

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