Yellow & Green Conifer Perspex Chain Necklace


This colourful perspex conifer leaf necklace was inspired by Victorian jet necklaces. The surface pattern was created using individual conifer leaves. I collect, dry and press the leaves then heat the acrylic and press the leaves into the surface. I use them like a stencil to apply the colours (in this case lemon yellow and green), which give my floral jewellery a modern feel. The skeleton leaf is then peeled off to reveal the design.  This is a method of dying and embossing plastic I developed myself. I call it 'Fossilised Plastic'. Every detail of the flowers and leaves are captured so they are like a fossil or a memory of each unique flower or leaf.

I choose quite ordinary plants and weeds to create my unusual and unique floral designs. These botanical statement earrings evoke both a contemporary and a vintage feel, appealing to colleagues, friends and family alike. I hope that the wearer will not only enjoy them as jewellery but also review their appreciation of the natural world. A classic piece that can be worn for years. I have found the necklaces attract a lot of attention!

British fashion - grown and handmade in the UK.

32", 24" or 19" chain (Photos show the 24" Chain)

Made from 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic, which is free from volatile organic compounds and hydrofluorocarbon and so more environmentally friendly.


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