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If you have seen a design which you like and you don't see here please ask I may well be able to make it up for you.  All cuffs come in both sizes. Necklaces,  pendants and earrings can be made in most designs. Please ask

Link to: trade information Page



Conifer design comes in cuffs - wide and narrow. The chain link necklace, green and yellow, claret and blue


C/C45                     C/C25                                N/C/CL




These are very individual as there are so many leaves and flowers and colours involved in making them.  They are as a consequence slightly more expensive than other cuffs.

Dk Green                                                  Lime                               Blue/burgundy



Cow Parsley Pale blue/orange - Pale blue/pink -  Mint/burgundy

C/49/CWP                  C/25/CWP                     C/49/CWP1 (the Mint/burgundy one is not always available please ask)


Skeleton Leaf

Available in Ginger/Black,  Burgundy, Lime Black, Dk Green

C/Sk/45                                  C/SK/25

N/TRI                PN/SK                                                     



SK/E/TRI                             SK/E/SML/Tri                                           SK/Sml RECT


Skeleton leaf/silver leaf

- Available in - Pale Blue, Turquoise,  Lime, Viridian green, Indigo, ginger & Red

                                             SK/SL/R/Turq                SK/SL/R/Lime   colours and shapes available

                                       SK/SL/P/PEN1    (20" or 32")       SK/SL/P/PEN 2      


E/STUD available in Turquoise, Pink, Lime, Ginger, Viridian Green & Re                                  

NB  Studs available in  Tiny Hydrangea, and Fern



 Tiny Hydrangea & Silver leaf

PN/Sml/Sphere                                                           PN/EGG





available in Turquoise, Teal, Magenta/Orange, burgundy & Berries, Veridian 

Burgundy & Berries


WB/C/45                          WB/C/25                             WB/N/TRI


FERN (negative)



Fern (Positive)


STL/C/45                     STL/C/45 & STL/C/25        ST/E/Tri          






'Trees'                         China Blue                  

T/C/45                                CH/C/25                      F/C/45            PF/C45




Stripes - Passion flower leaf

STP/N/31                                                     STP/N/11                                                              STP/N/11  
   STP/R/PEN/12                                             STP/E/R


 Earrings - Shapes Guide

designs come in these shapes




Codes explained
C = Cuff
E = Earring
P = Pendant
N = necklace
B = Brooch
PRT = Print
C/45 = Wide cuff
C/25 = narrow cuff