Blood Orange Hydrangea Hoop Earrings

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the range of tones Blood Orange Hydrangea Hoop Earrings Recycled Perspex

  • Colours: Orange and soft blue
  • Pictured: are the 35 mm small size
  • Sizes: SMALL 35mm (H) x 9mm (W) x 5mm (D) x 90mm (C); MEDIUM 45mm (H) x 9mm (W) x 5mm (D) x 115mm (C); LARGE 65mm (H) x 9mm (W) x 5mm (D) x 160mm (C); EX-LARGE 80mm (H) x 9mm (W) x 5mm (D) x 210mm (C)
  • Plants: hydrangea, madder and lace cow-parsley
  • Materials: 100% Recycled and Recyclable Acrylic (Perspex), Argenteum Hypoallergenic Silver& Sterling Silver
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  • Packed in a gift box ready for giving
  • British fashion - grown and handmade in the U.K.
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  • These Orange Hydrangea Hoop Earrings are part of our Recycled Contemporary Jewellery collection. Each piece is unique and individual. Sue was inspired to make them when looking at the range of Oranges in a blood oranges. It's inspired by the combination of deep red/orange and vibrant orange against a soft blue which makes the colours r colours really shine out.   The handmade hoop earrings made using real leaves and flowers so each one is unique. These floral earrings are made with real hydrangea flowers which are embossed onto the inner surface. As the wearer moves the earrings look at some angels transparent and the in brilliant colour.