Flower Power | Orange Brown | Wide Cuff | Recycled Perspex

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Flower Power Wide Cuff

  • Colours: Orange and Brown
  • Size: 45mm cuff/bracelet/bangle
  • Wrist SizeSmall-15-16. cm:   Medium 16.5-18 cm :   Large18.5 -20 cm
  • Plants: Hydrangea flowers, madder leaves, vetch flowers & cow parsley
  • Plants: hydrangea flowers; madder & cow parsley leaves
  • Inspired by: a 1960's textile design
  • British fashion - grown and handmade in the U.K.
  • Materials: 100% Recycled and Recyclable Acrylic (Perspex)
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  • Sue was inspired to make this  Flower Power cuff when looking at the fabric design from the late 1960s. It's inspired by the combination of vibrant colours and the vintage feel of orange and brown  evocative hippies and flower power movement   The cuff is made using real leaves and flowers so each one is unique. This Floral cuff bracelet has hydrangea flowers  and Madder leaves and vetch leaves. This cuff is part of our Recycled Contemporary Jewellery collection. Each piece is unique and individual.