Aqua Mist Regency Pendant

Regency Pendant | Sue Gregor

Aqua Mist Regency Pendant


During this time of Change I thought creating a contemporary Pendant design with a sense of history would be comforting. I hope that looking back to traditional design would give the wearer a feeling of continuity and stability when everything is up in the air.

My inspiration for this jewellery collection, came from Wallpaper I saw when visiting Brighton Pavilion. The original wallpapers was created at a time of opening up of trade with China and exposure to Chinese culture. In the 17th and 18th Century new imposts of artefacts from china such as Lacquer, Porcelain, silks and wallpaper were on sale in London. The hand painted wallpapers and 'Chinoiseries' (Use of Chinese motifs and Techniques ) decorative styles they inspires were the height of fashion for a century or more. Most of the Stately homes of Europe had at least one room decorated with Chinese wallpaper.  By the end of the 18th century even ordinary sized houses went for this style too!

18th Centurary wall paper based on the Chinese style

I have always loved this style too.  I enjoy the beautiful hand painted lines of the Chinese style. They are beautifully drawn and have a feel of vitality and an innocent genuine feel. Which I find magical.

Regency amber and Green Recycled Perspex contemporary cuff braclet

To create Recycled Perspex Contemporary Pendant and  jewellery collection, I have used Madder leaves and tiny hydrangea flowers to create the contemporary jewellery collection. The technique starts with a series of separate dye processes I apply the colours and emboss the surface relief directly from the plants onto the cuffs, earrings and necklaces.  So each piece is slightly different from all others. I find working with plants is good for well being. I want to share with the wearer appreciation of the beauty of nature. Inspiring people to take a closer look at familiar plants and increase the sense of wonder.


Sue Gregor

Contemporary Jewellery Designer



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