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Autumn Cuffs

Sue Gregor works with nature to create original pieces of contemporary jewellery, which are a memory of each individual skeleton leaf.  This collection is inspired by the delicate  and intricate lace patterns of the leaves. Sue is always amazed at how beautiful the world is when you really look. Sue hopes that the wearer will not only enjoy them as jewellery but also will review their appreciation of the natural world.

To make the jewellery she collects leaves and flowers then dries and presses them. They are used to emboss the surface of the acrylic and then like stencils, to apply the colours. As each leaf is individual, every piece of jewellery is unique too. This is Sue Gregor's own method which she calls 'fossilized plastic'. The fine details of each vein and fold of every leaf are captured on the embossed surface, giving the feel and appearance of a fossil.

Photo: bangtidyphotography

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