Back in my Studio ....Making Ghibli Cuff Bangles

Back in my Studio ....Making Ghibli Cuff Bangles

Making Ghibli Cuff Bangles

After taking some time off after My sister sadly died, I am back in my Studio making jewelry. I would like to thank everyone for your support and kind words. It meant the world to me and helped me get through it.

I decided I would start by making up a batch of one of my classic designs the Ghibli cuff/bracelet. (Partly because I had quite a few orders for them!)  'Ghibli' Floral Narrow Cuff Bracelet are have crafted from recycled Perspex. The vibrant cuff features real hydrangea blossoms, fern leaves, and the foliage of Box Hedge leaves. The design was inspired by Studio Ghibli animated films. I set out to make my 'Ghibli' cuff reflect the joy I saw in the films by using a range of flowers and by mimicking the colours of sunny days depicted in the films

The cuffs are individually made in batches using real pressed flowers and leaves. Cloiur is applied to the flowers and then I arrange the design using tweezers.  The dye colours are quite different from the colours they end up being at the end of the process. The burgundy flowers become bright pink! You get used to working with the difference in colors after you have used them for a while. Every detail from the relife of the flowers is captured on the surface of the cuff which is really stunning. I want to share my appreciation of nature with the people who ware my recycled Plasic cuffs.

Each of my contemporary cuff bracelets is a unique work of art. I use real flowers as stencils to imprint intricate patterns onto the cuffs, resulting in exquisite surface relief mirroring the beauty of nature. These cuffs are both stunning and eco-friendly, created from recycled acrylic Perspex.

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