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Product Information

My Process


My contemporary Jewellery is made  using real leaves which are first dried, pressed and used first to emboss the designs into the surface and then to apply the colours many designs have many colours.  I developed  the process while studying for my MA – I call it ‘fossilized plastic’ – which is inspired by a modernist approach; I link the natural world with the manmade by marrying acrylic with the plants I have gathered, to produce beautiful and individual pieces. My acrylic jewellery is a celebration of the organic and the inorganic, the industrial and the natural. I make cuffs, necklaces,earrings and Brooches.



Unique Items


Each piece of jewellery uses a real plant and even the veins of the leaf will show, thanks to the fine detail that is captured on the embossed surface. This means that each piece is unique and every piece is handcrafted.                                                                                                                                                                          

The 2 ways to put on a cuff


1. Over the hand with the thumb tucked into the cuff. So the gap slides down the narrow side of your hand.