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This week I have been working with Vetch leaves to create a new botanic jewellery collection. I have been using black and light This has the maximum contrast so it emphasises line, pattern and shape as the edges of things become dominant and the outlines of the foliage are the main focus of each piece of contemporary jewellery in this collection. 

Black Vetch Pendant, Recycled Plastic and silver
detail of black vetch pendant

Someone on the news talked about black and white thinking.  This sparked my imagination. The symbolism of black and white is interesting: White is pure light and black is the absence of light,  life and death, good and bad, the struggle between opposites which seemed an allegory for our times. The Vetch plant in my design is growing into the dark and the tendrils are putting out feelers to climb out of the black. I see it as a hopeful image.

black vetch tri earrings

Vetch has vastly different shaped leaves at different stages of growth.  The fine baby leaves can have an almost striped feel which is formed on the curved arc of the stem. This creates a feeling of direction and movement.  

At the end of each stem, the stem becomes a twisting curling tendril. The plant uses this tendril to hold on and climb. The swirls and twists are so beautiful.  Very delicate and tentative and yet strong and assertive.

Black Vetch Chain

The final piece in the collection is a statement chain.  The construction of the necklaces is inspired by Victorian Jet Necklaces. They are constructed using circular black links and larger sections. They come in 3 lengths so you can decide on your look, a smart neckline chain or a long dramatic chain.  Each link has stunning unique leaves and tendrils.  

This is a really striking Perspex Jewellery Collection that will go with everything and made sustainably from Recycled Plastic. Black and Light.

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