Toffee & Grey Vetch Slim Bracelet | Recycled Perspex

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Toffee & Grey Vetch Slim Bracelet | Recycled Perspex

My inspiration for this slim Bracelet came from looking into the dense undergrowth. I loved the layers and tones of leaves of deep boards of undergrowth. I wanted to add a sense of depth to the pattern on this cuff. I have done this by adding different layers of taupe brown and grey that mimic leaves catching the light the closest leaves are paler than the leaves farther from the light source, which gives the cuff pattern a sense of the depth of looking into a plant.

I have used real Vetch leaves to create this contemporary cuff bangle. The technique starts with a series of separate dye processes to apply the colours.  Then use the actual leaves to emboss the surface and apply the colours.  So each piece is slightly different from all others. I find working with plants is good for well-being. I want to share with the wearer an appreciation of the beauty of nature. I am inspiring people to take a closer look at familiar plants and increase their sense of wonder. 

  • Colours: Toffee & Grey
  • Size: 16 mm cuff/bracelet/bangle
  • Wrist SizeSmall-15-16. cm:   Medium 16.5-18 cm:   Large 18.5 -20 cm
  • Bespoke sizes can be made on request
  • Plants: Skeleton Rubber Tree leaves
  • Inspired by Art Deco
  • British fashion - grown and handmade in the U.K.
  • Materials: 100% Recycled and Recyclable Acrylic (Perspex)
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  • Full refund on all returns in 28 days
  • Packed in a gift box ready for giving
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