Bluecoat Craft , Crisis and mental health – Sue Gregor

Bluecoat Craft , Crisis and mental health

An exciting exhibition offer came in...Bluecoat Craft Crisis And Mental Health


I was contacted by Bluecoat Display Center in Liverpool .  They are interested in showing generally how a makers work might be informed by struggles they may have personally encountered, or how they may have been influenced by the stories of other people. Their aim is also to show that there are positives to come from people’s experiences as they grow and develop from what happens in their lives. they want to present craft as empowering people at times of difficulty and show how craft can offer benefits to a person’s life and wellbeing.

This is right up my street. My inspiration is to share what has cheered me up and got me through the tough times. It all started at a difficult period of my life when, in order to cope with it I started try to empty my head of all my problems and just be in the moment. (I thought of it as being a holiday)I become aware of what was around me. Listen to the sounds and notice where I was. I became enormously comforted by how beautiful the world is. So I started working with plants leaves and flowers and developed this method of capturing the detail of the plants. I wanted to share this with people who wear my jewellery.

I am sending in my work in January next year....

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